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Explore nature

Our great outdoors provides a wide range of nature experiences from a bird lovers paradise to picturesque picnic areas to rewarding bush walks. Lap it up and enjoy it all.

On-site at Odd Frog

Elephant Rock and Caves

Elephant rock and caves are a short stroll from the Bunkhouse and Cottage on the Odd Frog Lodges farm. Take advantage of the lookout for beautiful photos of a Lue sunset.


Dunns Swamp (Ganguddy)

Just 25km east of Rylstone this popular camping and picnic spot, located on the banks of the Cudgegong River, is nestled amongst stunning sandstone pagoda rock formations. There are walking tracks running alongside the waterway and kayaks for hire.


Fern Tree Gully

There are a number of walking tracks at Ferntree Gully that take you down into the cool narrow ferntree-studded valley floor, and/or around the top edge of the rocks where you can get an overview of the valley and the unusual rock formations on either side.


The Drip

The Drip walking track, in Goulburn River State Conservation Area, meanders beside Goulburn River to The Drip, or 'the Great Dripping Wall’. Rain water trickling through the porous rock wall makes it a cool oasis.

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